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Slim aluminum tempered glass housing in stock

200W Glass Flood Light Housing Product Description: Outdoor 200W LED Glass Flood Lamp Light Fixture Accessories Feature: ● Unique toughened glass. ● Aluminum radiator, excellent heat dissipation. ● Wide voltage range, suitable for most of countries. ● More than 50000hrs lifespan. ●.Environment friendly, no mercury, no lead, no ultraviolet, no noise and other hazardous substance. ● Super brightness SMD /COB LED light source, 70% energy saving or more than fluorescent lamp. ● Quick start, no flicker, protecting people eyes. ● Stable and durable, easy to installment and maintenance. ● Directly replace the traditional light to save energy and protect environment. ● Professional waterproof connector, silicone ring sealing process IP66. 200W Glass Flood Light Housing Our advantage: 1. Concentrate on led light housing die casting field for over 10 years. 2. Quality control from raw material to finished product.(we have own material factory also). 3. More than 800 sets of flood light housing for you to choose. 4. Advanced equipment :10 sets of die-casting machine from 100 tons to 630 tons, so we can make flood light from 10W to 500W. 5. We have talented and experienced engineers. 6. Strict quality control system. 7. Flexible forms of cooperation. Accept OEM and ODM. 8. Exporting for worldwide, with satisfied clients more than 50 countries. 9. Competitive price, excellent service, integrated certificate system. Applications: Tunnel, Advertising, Factories, Gymnasiums, Yards, Buildings, Lawns, Garden designs, or some other outdoor places where need flood lighting and lights decoration. ● Quality control: 100% inspected before packaging and shipping. ● Process: high-pressure die casting. ● Secondary process: Deburring ,drilling ,threading, milling, turning, CNC machining. ● Surface finishing available: shot blasting, polishing, painting, powder coating, anodizing, electroplating,Chrome Plating(Matt/Bright) , Nickle plating, Zinc plating, mirror polishing, trivalent chromate passivation, e-coating, etc. ● Input Voltage: AC85-265V. ● Working lifetime:50000H. ● Warranty period: 2 year. ● Packaging: standard export carton with foam inside suitable for long-distant ocean shipment and tough handling. ● Delivery time: Within 15-20days after received deposit and artwork confirmed. Matters Needing Attention: 1. The light’s waterproof grade is IP65, able to withstand rains, but it can’t work under water. 2. Cut off power supply before and in installation process. If the product is damaged due to mal-operation, it shall not be guaranteed. Please have it mounted by a professional. 3. The light’s operating ambient temperature is between -20°C and 50°C. The temperature of operational site shall not exceed 50°C, to ensure the light’s service life. 4. Since the light power is high, when power line is arranged, it’s necessary to select a proper power line according to actual power, and supply power in single phase. 5. Please don’t dismount the light without authorization. Please contact professional maintenance personnel or the manufacturer if the light isn’t lit or is faulty otherwise. If you have any preference for the outdoor 200w led glass flood lamp light fixture accessories, please be free to buy the high quality light in stock from our factory. Leelo Lighiting is one of the leading flood light manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can rest assured to buy.Slim aluminum tempered glass housing in stock website:http://www.leelolighting.com/led-flood-light-housing/glass-flood-light-housing/

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какой из городов находится севернее других.астрахань.волгоград,


Ответ по плану описания атлантического океана

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описание сомого сильного извержения вулкана при этом укажите год события где и как

описание сомого сильного извержения вулкана при этом укажите год события где и как

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customized Auto wraps

Characteristics Finishing ApplicationFeatures Characteristics AVERY Brand white opaque vinyl, with Avery clear over lamination. Resists scuffing, tearing and abrasion Pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds well to painted metal and plastic Repositionable & Removable - will not remove vehicle paint upon de-installation Weather resistant (UV, rain, and frost) Repels pollution and washes clean in water. Finishing Application Box Trailer graphic Box truck wrap Fleet wrap advertising Transit wrap graphics Auto wrap graphics RV wrap graphics Van wrap graphics Features Outdoor durable Material consistency for image quality Gloss lamination available 720dpi digital full color printing for amazing result. true solvent inks for longevity Vibrant full color process printing Large volume fleet production is our specialtycustomized Auto wraps website:http://www.bannerofchinas.net/vehicle-graphics/

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